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Ranking the incredible costumes in Overwatch's Masquerade comic

Fancy dining! Venetian infiltration! We need it all!

I will pay four thousand dollars for these skins.
Look at them!! They’re so fancy!!!
Blizzard Entertainment

Masquerade, the new Doomfist comic, has some information on lore and characters and all of that is great but when are we getting all these sweet, sweet new skins?! Masquerade is a Bond-esque adventure for Doomfist, recently released from prison, as he surveys the landscape and takes out his political enemies. Obviously, he looks 100% stylish and incredible as he does it.

First, there’s the upscale casino. Doomfist is wearing a white tuxedo foretold in one of his sprays, while Widowmaker is going for a nice, royal purple.

She’s just so elegant!!!
I would pay forty thousand credits for that Widowmaker skin.
Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra, just playing overwatch here as the security expert, not only mocks Widowmaker, but looks amazing doing it in a floor length, hot pink gown. Reaper isn’t on site, presumably because his skill set is all about being spooky and shooting things.

Based on the art above, how amazing would these be for in-game skins?!

Doomfist: 8/10: We’d absolutely love a white suited Doomfist skin, red rose and all, but there’s just the question of, well, where the Doomfist would go. It can’t be the default golden one either, that’s just gaudy. There’s a lot of potential with Infiltration Doomfist, but that one missing visual element is so important to his design that I can’t give him the full 10/10 without seeing it.

Widowmaker: 10/10: She’s style, she’s grace, she’ll knock you down and kick you in the face. Widowmaker remains style goals at all times.

Sombra: 10/10: Pairing the secondary colors on her dress with her hair? Fashion genius. A bright pink to both complement and distinct her from Widowmaker? Amazing. This dress may also be a little less visual than her normal hacker getup.

Reaper: N/A, too ghostly.

Now, just one round of fancy skins would have been enough for me, but Blizzard went ahead and gave us another treat of Venetian festival gear. Widowmaker is hardly in sight, and she’s wearing her Odette skin. Due to that being in the same, she is removed from the rankings. However, the rest of the outfits more than make up for Amelie’s exclusion.

She has the jangly bells!!!
Jester girl Sombra drops an ultimate.
Blizzard Entertainment

First of all, we have Sombra taking out security. That’s her ultimate line above, so we know she’s not messing around. Dressing Sombra up as a jester may have been an intentional joke on her part, or it may have been the leadership getting back at her for the whole ‘intentionally failing the events of Infilitration thing.’ Either way, she is adorable and we need this in game.

But what about the boys of Talon?

Be still, my pounding heart.
This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my entire life.
Blizzard Entertainment

Look, if Reaper and Doomfist’s completely extra and over the top matching outfits, with red and purple and feathers and lace and giant hats, don’t immediately make you grab your credit card and wail and gnash for them to be implemented in game, I don’t know what to do for you.

When it comes time to rank the Venetian outfits, it goes a little something like this:

Sombra: 7/10 The Jester girl outfit is adorable, but its hard to recognize it as, well, Sombra. Maybe throw on a SMG, make her asymmetrical haircut more obvious, change the black and white color scheme... It’s a great concept, but not quite Sombra.

Reaper: 10/10 This may be his most dramatic potential skin concept yet, and considering his closet has raven skulls and pumpkin heads, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

Doomfist: 12/10: I need this Doomfist skin like I need air to breathe. The royal colours, the ruffles, the hat, all come together to create the most amazing costume possible.

Lore comics have foreshadowed in game content before. The Uprising comic that gave us a glimpse at Blackwatch Genji and McCree ended up being foreshadowing for the skins being put into the game properly, even though those characters were not one of the canon selections for Uprising.

That being said, fans are still waiting for Hanzo’s Reflections outfit, where he ditches the silver hair and wanderers’ clothes for an undercut, piercings, and a hipster coat.

Blizzard, please.
The people want Hanzo to cover up and pierce his face.
Blizzard Entertainment

It remains to be seen if we’ll end up getting a completely fabulous set of Team Talon skins, or whether we’ll have to simply refresh this comic every day and longingly press our hands against the computer screen.