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Here are the heroes you should play when a Doomfist enters your game

If you need to counter or support a Doomfist, these heroes will do the trick

He can also be supported with these heroes!
He cannot be stopped - well, he can be, actually, with these heroes.
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Let’s run through a hypothetical scenario. The day has come and Doomfist has hit live servers. You load into a game, and you see his face pop up in your lobby. That’s right, it’s your first time playing with (or against) a Doomfist. Despite all the hype, all the times you’ve lovingly watched his origins animation, and all the Seagull streams you’ve watched... you realize you have no idea who to pick!

This guide is here to prevent that scenario from happening. Doomfist has a pretty unique kit in the Overwatch landscape, and picking the right heroes with him is the key to victory. On the other hand, if a Doomfist is rampaging through your team, these counterpicks could save your bacon.

Pick WITH Doomfist

The first hero that’s going to come up in this discussion is Zarya. Not only is Zarya’s Graviton Surge about to get more sticky, which will make for great combos with Doomfist’s AOE abilities, but Zarya’s shield will be exactly what Doomfist needs to stay in a fight. Between Zarya’s bubble and his passive, Doomfist’s survivability will go through the roof. The two of them may have some polite disagreements about what constitutes true strength, but there’s no denying they may be one of the strongest duos together.

Mei is another fantastic choice to pick up alongside Doomfist. She locks down targets, allowing Doomfist to Rocket Punch in and clean them up. Her ult is also going to be crucial in a lot of fights; a team can’t turn around and blow Doomfist up if they’re all frozen or running out of the danger zone.

We’re likely going to see a resurgence of Ana. Doomfist is a nice, easy to hit target, perfect for pumping biotic shots into. He has built in mobility that means Nanoboost will be super effective on him, and he’ll be doing even more damage. Ana should be able to keep him safe from a distance while allowing him to dish out the hurt.

D.Va and Winston, our two Dive tanks, both work well with Doomfist for two reasons. One, both of them can go into the thick of battle with him with their high mobility, and two, they have tools to protect him once they’re in the thick of it. D.Va’s defense matrix will eat up the projectiles aimed at her new best friend, and Winston’s bubble and in-your-face playstyle provide a strong wall against

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This is what happens with a non-ideal team composition.
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Pick AGAINST Doomfist

Reaper is Doomfist’s ally against Overwatch, but he has a massive advantage against the new brawler in that he deals out a ton of damage against high health targets, thrives against large hitboxes and can ghost ride out of any situation that gets too dangerous for him.

Pharah is another pick that sneakily gets around Doomfist’s heavy damage. He can’t punch you if he can’t reach you, and Pharah is nothing if not vertically mobile. Add in the fact that Doomfist is a nice, juicy target for her rockets and she’s got a buffet all set up for her.

Mercy could end up being a massive thorn in Doomfist’s side. His entire modus operandi is to get into a fight, murder nerds and escape because no one is alive to kill him. A well timed resurrection not only erases all of Doomfist’s hard work, but it puts him in a vulnerable spot.

AVOID against Doomfist

Squishy characters with no way to control Doomfist are really going to struggle. McCree might survive because of his flashbang, but Genji is going to have to play very carefully around a Doomfist. Our ninja friend is very squishy, and can easily get deleted by a charged Rocket Punch into a wall or a four-shot primary fire combo. Genji also doesn’t have a lot of tools to slow down or stop Doomfist, which means his options are run or assail him from afar.

Tracer will also be a skill match up, where players who know exactly how to blink and how to pump out damage while staying mobile have a chance against Doomfist may survive ... but your average player may end up just getting Rocket Punched into a wall and eliminated very quickly.

Finally, Reinhardt is going to be in a lot of trouble against Doomfist. Not only can Doomfist shatter his shield, but he currently has more tools in a melee fight than the crusader.

When Doomfist hits live, we’ll likely see the pros start experimenting with him in different compositions and figuring out all the little tricks. While the character is still somewhat uncharted, these champion combinations should help you overcome Talon’s latest council member.