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Australia and Sweden qualify for Blizzcon in the Overwatch World Cup

In a shocking turn of events, none of Group D’s teams qualify for the Blizzcon stage of the tournament.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Sydney leg of the Overwatch World Cup Qualifier has come to a close and the final results were quite surprising.

Coming into the weekend the highest seeds in each group, Sweden in Group C and Finland in Group D, were the favorites to make it out of the qualifier. While Sweden managed to move through their group with little resistance, Group D proved far more complicated.

As it turned out, both Japan and Spain came into the group ready to knock Finland off its perch as one of the world’s best Overwatch teams. When it came time for the top two teams from each group to advance to the playoff stage of the qualifier, Finland was nowhere to be found with Spain and Japan advancing instead.

Unfortunately for the Group D representatives, another team came into the Sydney qualifier stronger than anyone anticipated: Australia. In the playoff section of the qualifier, Spain faced off against Sweden — in a quick and brutal 3-0 for the Swedish team — while Japan went head to head against Australia. In front of their home crowd, Australia took down Japan in an incredibly close five game series and earned their ticket to the final stage of the World Cup at Blizzcon 2017.