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Overwatch Contenders Season One announcement details

Six weeks of the highest level Overwatch competition in both EU and NA!

Blizzard Entertainment

On Monday, Blizzard announced the first details of the upcoming Overwatch Contenders Season One tournament. The tournament will be a follow up from the Season Zero competition that just concluded in both EU and NA and will serve as a lead in tournament to the larger Overwatch League that Blizzard has announced but given no details on.

Season One will take place in both Europe and North America starting on August 14 and will include the top six North American finishers from Season Zero, as well as the invite teams Rogue and Team EnVyUs. Meanwhile, The EU competition will include all eight of the top eight teams from Season Zero.

Blizzard Entertainment

The teams will compete for six weeks of regular season play, with each match streamed, followed by a the Finals in October, with the winner taking hope the bulk of the 100,000 prize pool. While this tournament won’t directly feed into the Overwatch League, team’s performance and participation in Contenders Season One will have some bearing over their possible selection for the still nebulous Overwatch League.