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Possible Doomfist leak in Overwatch crash files

This news all but confirms the next hero!

Over the past few weeks, the Overwatch community has been filled with speculation regarding Doomfist — a long rumored but still unconfirmed hero... Well, more speculation than usual at least. On the 23rd of June, posts were made on the Blizzard forums about a possible Doomfist sighting. In the crash logs for the PTR, the patch was titled Overwatch - Doomfist / Summer Games.

Now, the Summer Games part of this is not particularly surprising, as it was about this time last year that the event was taking place. However, the name of Doomfist being in the actual patch could mean something that fans have only been dreaming of: Doomfist could finally be coming to Overwatch.

So far, new heroes have been added to the game on about a four patch cycle. Orisa released on patch 1.9, Sombra on 1.5 and Ana on 1.1. If that pattern continues a new hero should be expected sometime soon. While many suspected that the newest hero would be Hammond, the escaped primate, it appears that we may be in for a more exciting treat.

Of course, all of this is unconfirmed. However, the amount of evidence compounding together to prove this Doomfist leak is fairly substantial. Not only have multiple people been able to replicate the error log with such a title, but Blizzard put a patch that removed any mention of Doomfist or the Summer Games.

If we want to see a full list of evidence, the video from Youtuber Rhykker below has a solid breakdown.

It is an exciting time for Overwatch fans. Not only do we have the 2017 Summer Games event to look forward to, but Doomfist looks to be closer than ever.

Keep your eyes peeled, we should be finding out even more in the next month or so.