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Doomfist is finally here! Here’s what we know about his lore

Crush me, you strong man.

It’s a little intimidating.
He’s here, he’s ready, and he’s 1v3ing Overwatch.
Blizzard Entertainment

After a recent lore drop, fans were on the edge of their seat, and Blizzard did not disappoint. Doomfist is here, he’s mad, and he’s 1v3ing Winston, Tracer and Genji in an animated cutscene. Doomfist has been one of the most requested heroes since the cinematic that started it all, and he’s finally here... but he’s not exactly what we were expecting.

Doomfist has recently escaped from prison, but we get to see the brawl that put him there. Genji, Tracer, and Winston all tackle Doomfist—who’s referred to as one of the leaders of Talon in the accompanying tweet—in the streets of Numbani. While he inevitably falls and is imprisoned in the end, he gives better than he gets. In a couple of short minutes, he goes toe to toe with Winston, shorts out Genji’s cyborg body, and tears off Tracer’s chrono-accelerator, desyncing her from time.

Blizzard may nerf him a little before he can be played in game.

Luckily, Jeff Kaplan stepped in with a Developer Update to clarify some things.

Here are the salient lore drops we pick up from this developer update:

  • Reaper and Doomfist are both leaders of Talon, which is ruled by a council of individuals. Everyone on the council is aligned enough to work together, but they don’t agree on everything.
  • Doomfist believes that humanity must evolve, and conflict is the way to do that. Talon is the best way to introduce conflict and elevate humanity. Overwatch is very obviously opposed to this.
  • He’ll have new interactions with Widowmaker and Reaper, and presumably Sombra as well.

This cutscene doesn’t answer all of our questions. What’s his relationship to Talon? How does he feel about Sombra, Widowmaker, and Reaper? What are his motivations? Is Terry Crews really not involved at all? The cinematic also suggests that Genji has answered the Recall and is once again working with Overwatch, this time as an ally to Tracer and not a member of the shadowy Blackwatch.

We’ll doubtlessly get more info on Doomfist in the days to come, but we’re just glad that he’s finally been confirmed.