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How to watch the Overwatch World Cup’s Los Angeles Group Stage: Streams, schedule and results

The United States finally have their chance to qualify for Blizzcon.

Blizzard Entertainment

The final leg of the Overwatch World Cup qualifiers is finally set to get underway this weekend as Groups G and H face off in Los Angeles, California.

Group G is going to be a contest led by the United States and the very underrated Brazil team. Coming into the tournament, the United States hovers between second and fourth on the list of tournament favorites alongside China and Sweden.

In Group H, there is no clear favorite among the group. The highest seed will be the United Kingdom, however, with challengers like Germany and Belgium in the group as well it would be easy to see this group head into a tie-breaker. Meanwhile, Israel is a bit of an unknown quantity as we enter the tournament and could come in looking far more impressive than the other teams in their group expect.

The matches will kick off on Friday, August 11 and run through Sunday, August 13.

Burbank, United States

Group G Group H
Group G Group H
3. United States 6. United Kingdom
14. Chinese Taipei 11. Germany
19. Brazil 22. Israel
30. New Zealand 27. Belgium

August 11, 1 P.M. EST - 7 P.M. EST

United States vs New Zealand 4-0

Chinese Taipei vs Brazil 4-0

United Kingdom vs Belgium 4-0

Germany vs Israel 3-2

August 12, 1 P.M. EST - 7 P.M. EST

United States vs Brazil 4-0

Chinese Taipei vs New Zealand 4-0

United Kingdom vs Israel 4-0

Germany vs Belgium 4-0

August 13, 1 P.M. EST - 9 P.M. EST

United States vs Chinese Taipei 3-1

Brazil vs New Zealand 3-1

United Kingdom vs Germany 4-0

Israel vs Belgium 3-1


The matches will be broadcast every day, with English commentary, on the Overwatch Twitch channel.