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Deathmatch is on its way to Overwatch, along with a new map

The classic game mode will be playable from the Arcade.

Torbjorn deserves this.
Deathmatch is on its way to Overwatch.
Blizzard Entertainment

Deathmatch, a bloody, kill count based alternative to objective based game play, is a classic staple of the FPS genre... and it’s on its way to Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan spoke on the upcoming game mode in a Developer Update, commenting that the developers initially wanted to avoid the concept and stick to the current competitive game modes of King of the Hill and point capture. The Arcade, which hosts custom games, seasonal events, and elimination matches, is a perfect host for Deathmatch games.

The first game mode will be free-for-all, with eight players on a map. Each player can pick any hero with no restrictions, and then the chaos begins. The player who racks up the most kills wins. If you make top four, you will get a win towards your weekly arcade loot boxes. The winner walks away covered in glory, which may actually be better.

Free-for-all Deathmatches will be played on modified maps to accommodate the new mode. There will also be a brand new free-for-all Deathmatch map based in Widowmaker’s family estate, Chateau Guillard.

Team Deathmatches will pit two teams of six against each other in a race to hit 30 kills. Mercy resurrects will deduct the opponent’s kill count. Team Deathmatches will have their own map pool, including Black Forest, Necropolis, and Ecopoint: Antarctica.