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Cloud9 acquires Laser Kittenz for Overwatch Contenders Season One

After picking up the London OWL spot, Cloud9 expands their roster to include Laser Kittenz.

The gang just got a little bigger.
Cloud9 expand their roster with Laser Kittenz
Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been a big week for Cloud9 in competitive Overwatch. First, Blizzard announced that Cloud9 would be representing London in the Overwatch League as a founding member. Yesterday, Cloud9 announced that they would be expanding their roster by signing Laser Kittenz. Laser Kittenz, a European team, turned in a successful performance during Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders, making it to the semi finals. They’ll be competing in the upcoming Season One under Cloud9’s banner, hoping to surpass their previous performance.

It’s unclear what this means for Cloud9’s existing team, but the language used in the press release suggests that both teams will co-exist. First, the tweet uses the word “expands”, and the release suggests fans use the hashtag #C9OWEU—a hashtag that would be a little verbose, were there not a need to use #C9OWNA.

Overwatch Contenders Season One starts this week, and this will be the last round of the tournament before the Overwatch League begins, so we can expect to see some of the biggest teams participating in Season One.