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Meet the teams attending Blizzcon for the Overwatch World Cup

These eight teams will compete to see which country are the Overwatch champions.

Blizzard Entertainment

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers have finally come to a close. After stopping in four different cities around the world for competition between thirty two different teams, only eight have managed to advance to Blizzcon to compete for the title of the World Cup champions.

The first weekend of qualifiers, held in Shanghai, brought us China and France as the first two teams to qualify for the competition, with neither one struggling much on their way to victory.

Week two’s qualifier, which was held in Sydney, Australia, had a few happy surprises for the home team as Australia barely managed to defeat the Japanese team and earn their trip to Blizzcon. The other team to move through was Sweden, who came into the weekend as heavy favorites.

The Katowice stage advanced the South Korean team, who remain the favorites to win the whole tournament, as well as the Canadian team, who upset last year’s runners-up Russian to advance to Blizzcon.

Finally, in Santa Monica, California, the United States and United Kingdom both advanced with little struggle and lost only one map between them.