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5 killer Overwatch plays, including the world's sneakiest Widowmaker

You don’t need to be a pro to get an amazing Play of the Game.

Please report Soldier for not countering Pharah, gg
Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the ... justice.
Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a lot to like about Overwatch, otherwise we wouldn’t keep playing it for game after game. One of the most genius additions has got to be the post-match Play of the Game, where one player is celebrated for scoring some sick kills, picking up a massive rez, or dishing out damage while the heat is on.

Play of the Game has become iconic, part of our cultural lexicon. Even when we’re not playing Overwatch, we can’t help but see those highlight intros everywhere... even on Hollywood red carpets.

Not only does it feel amazing to see your name pop up at the end of the match, you don’t have to be a pro to get that little slice of glory. We collected five amazing Play of the Games off Reddit, submitted by ordinary users. They’re not competing in the pro circuit, but they pulled off some awesome moves, and that’s worth celebrating (and watching again, and again).

/u/CrisisCSGO brings us this Widowmaker POTG that includes a snipe through stacked boxes to remove an opponent from play. While I’m over here struggling to aim up the most simple of headshots on a Zenyatta, this gentleman is able to eliminate an entire team from the Hollywood payload.

Not every POTG requires precision. Reaper recently got buffed, and /u/penniless_hippy shows us exactly how effective his new healing is. Dropping to 13 hp at one point, he heads in with a Zenyatta orb on him and scores a team kill. Bonus points for the style emote at the end.

/u/Skomskk gives us a masterclass in how to play Junkrat: aggressive, constantly cranking out damage, eliminating key targets, and adapting in the face of a clever Mei wall. This is a symphony of carnage, and Junkrat is the conductor.

Roadhog’s in a bit of a pickle at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make him work. Just ask /u/BigWalrus1, who brings us an incredibly tactical hook. D.Va is about to drop her MEKA on the payload, but Roadhog decides that no, that mech would be way better over here, in the middle of nowhere. Not only does he completely neutralize the threat, but he takes a breather and survives himself. Holy moly!

You might have underestimated McCree, especially since the current Dive meta is tough for him to deal with, but maybe... maybe you shouldn’t? I mean, just watch /u/0ooops completely obliterate an enemy team with a well timed Deadeye. He may be using the lifeguard skin, but this isn’t a beach party, it’s a crime scene.

Not all POTGs are made equal, but some of them deserve a shoutout. Thanks to the new highlights feature, it’s never been easier to share your biggest plays. I can only hope that one day, I get something this magnificent down in the depths of bronze.