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Here are all the teams competing in Europe’s Overwatch Contenders Season One

EU teams will come into Season One with something to prove, as everyone wants to be eUnited.

The rosters for the European region of Overwatch Contenders Season One are finally set, and the games begin this weekend.

The region features an incredibly diverse set of rosters. Some are old teams playing under new names, while others have barely played together at all. The organizations themselves range from player created teams with almost no sponsors to some of the biggest esports orgs from both Europe and the United States.

With so much variety and an incredible amount of skill spread across the teams, Europe’s first season of Overwatch contenders is going to be something exciting, and while we may know who the two best teams are, every thing after that is completely up in the air.

For a look at the North American teams, check out our guide here. If you wanna know exactly when you can watch all these teams compete, we have a full Contenders Season One schedule for you here.


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During Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, 123 were the second best team in the region, and it’s still true today. It seems strange to say for a collection of players from three different countries with no format organization behind them, but their mechanical strength and coordination place them a step almost every other in Europe at the moment.

Bazooka Puppiez

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Throughout Season Zero, Bazooka Puppiez were always just one step behind the biggest teams and the most important series, so the team will enter Season One with something to prove, by showing the world that they can go head to head with some of the regions best teams.


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A longtime stalwart of North American esports, Cloud9 acquired the Laser Kittenz roster and ended up in the Europe region for Overwatch Contenders. The roster itself is young and had barely played together before qualifying for Contenders during Season Zero. With a lot of young talent and a large organization behind them, things look good going into Season One for Cloud9.


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eUnited were far and away the best team in Europe during Contenders Season Zero and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. With a background competing against the likes of EnVyUs, Rogue and Lunatic-Hai, eUnited are going to be the test that every EU team wants to pass during Season One.


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Gamersorigin struggled severely during Contenders Season Zero, but enter Season One after purchasing the spot from Movistar Riders. With not much in the way of successful track records, this team has a lot to prove this season.


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Misfits have looked good in every tournament they have competed in so far, but never been able to turn that into a solid finish. The quest for this roster during Season One will be to finally make the transition from good to great.


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Singularity are a strong team that is almost constantly being overlooked, in favor of the two or three better teams in Europe. With a strong performance in Season One, they could quickly move into the small group of elite teams in the region.

Team Gigantti

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During the first weekend of Contenders Season Zero, this team was called Ninjas in Pyjamas, but when their larger team dropped them, the players changed the name to Rest in Pyjamas, and kept on winning earning them a new sponsor and a bright future.