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Fan-made custom mode turns Overwatch into zombie horror

/u/ItsDeltin’s custom mode mimics Halo’s Infection in custom games.

You can try to run... try.
Reinhardt is a fearsome opponent in this custom mode.
Blizzard Entertainment

Reinhardt’s a big, friendly dude... but when he’s charging at you, it’s hard not to get a little scared. Okay, but what if he were a zombie with a move speed buff, and if he killed you, you became a zombie? This isn’t the next Halloween followup to Dr. Junkenstein from Blizzard—it’s a custom gamemode by /u/ItsDeltin inspired by Halo’s Infection mode.

The goal is simple: one team starts as a group of survivors, represented by Torbjorn. You can build turrets, toss out armor and shoot... and in fact, that’s the only way to survive. On the other team are the zombies, which start at a massive disadvantage numbers wise. When a Torbjorn is killed by a zombie, they respawn as a zombie themselves, ready to turn on their fellow teammates. The only way to survive is avoid falling at the hands of zombies until the timer runs out. ItsDeltin posted a trailer that shows what a typical match might look like.

Anyone is welcome to join by signing up through by entering their battletag, and a bot will invite interested players. Unfortunately, this custom mode is only available on the Americas servers currently. ItsDeltin is planning on sharing the source code for this custom game mode soon, and so far the bot has only been used in custom games in spectator mode.

If you’re waiting impatiently for Deathmatch or sick of Lucioball, this custom game mode looks like a hilarious way to pass a few hours. It’s interesting to see Overwatch fans cook up custom modes, and hopefully this continues to grow over the coming months.