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Mei’s cinematic, Rise and Shine, debuts at Gamescom 2017

We get to see Mei emerging from cryostasis, and the horror that goes along with that.

Mei’s had it rough.
Blizzard Entertainment

After a short starring Junkrat and Roadhog, and the reveal of the new escort map Junkertown, Overwatch fans got a new treat in the form of a new cinematic starring Mei. Rise and Shine, the new cinematic short, stars Mei as she emerges from cyrostasis in Antarctica. While the map Ecopoint: Antarctica hinted at some of the struggles the team of climatologists went through in their final days, Rise and Shine gives us an in-depth look at Mei’s horrifying awakening and subsequent escape.

Mei’s awakening syncs up with Recall, Winston’s short. After Winston initiates the Overwatch Recall, Mei catches his inspirational speech, and decides it’s time to change the world for the better. We also get to see the prototype of her in-game weapon, which is neat, because it’ll make it less rage inducing when she nails me in the head in an icicle.

Rise and Shine is up there with The Last Bastion as one of the most heart-wrenching stories yet, but at least there’s a happy ending... and some big implications for the next bits of Overwatch lore.

This confirms the second agent to answer the Recall, along with Tracer.