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Former top-ranked Overwatch pro wins first day of PUBG Invitational

Evermore is a winner, winner!


This weekend marks the first major tournament for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, a watershed moment for the extremely popular game and burgeoning esport. In addition to famous PUBG streamers, the tournament field includes pros in other video games, including many Counter Strike players and at least one former Overwatch pro.

After an impressive opening solo third person match that saw him go all the way to the game’s spawning island and spend the majority of the round outside of the zone, Kyo-min "EVERMORE" Koo earned his first win of his PUBG esports career with a chicken dinner in the second round.

If you recognize the name EVERMORE, there’s good reason: he used to be the top-ranked Overwatch player in South Korea, and was the first to reach 5000 SR on the Korean server. Known as an excellent Roadhog player, he spent about eight months on Kongdoo’s roster before retiring to focus on streaming.

EVERMORE only got two kills in his winning round, but a chicken dinner is a chicken dinner. He followed that performance up with a repeat of Game 1, going to spawn island and spending the entire game out of the play zone, eventually getting stuck and healing his way to a top-10 finish.

That was good enough for a first-place finish on the day, despite four overall kills to TSM Break’s 16.

Congrats to the former Overwatch pro!