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Get the facts on D.Va’s new Micro Missiles

Geoff Goodman shares the stats and some fun facts on D.Va’s new MEKA ability.

Blizzard Entertainment

Geoff Goodman gave Overwatch forum goers a treat by dropping in on a thread about D.Va’s new Micro Missiles ability. Micro Missiles are part of a mini-D.Va rework, similar to Symmetra’s overhaul in November, to shake up her identity. Defense Matrix is getting hit across the board, but Micro Missiles is the new ability D.Va has to make up for the change. Add in the ability to shoot while she boosts, and D.Va is turning from a simple shield tank to one of the most vertical characters in the game, up there with Pharah.

For those who haven’t heard the news, Micro Missiles is a new ability that launches a bombardment of small missiles, that explode on impact. Micro Missiles can be fired off during boosters, Defense Matrix, or her standard fire.

D.Va’s rework isn’t on the current PTR, and won’t go up until after the current PTR goes live. Everything Goodman shares here is a work in progress and is subject to change while in internal testing, and then after hitting the PTR, so manage your expectations accordingly.

D.Va’s Micro Missiles currently has the following stats, according to Goodman:

Number of missiles: 18

Shots per second: 11

Explosion Damage: 8 (has damage falloff)

Impact Damage: 4

Radius: 1.5m (for comparison, Pharah's rockets are 2.5m radius)

Cooldown: 8s

Goodman shared some extra stats about the Missiles, how they work, and how they feel for D.Va players.

They fire straight at 40 m/s. For comparison Pharah's rockets move at 35 m/s atm.

You cannot cancel them. Pressing the button fires them all over time (roughly 1.6s as mentioned). There is also a 0.5s delay before they start firing, similar to Mei's alternate fire.

Also, yes they will self damage her if she is close enough.

There is no spread. Each one fires directly at the point you were looking when it was fired. Of course, since they are firing individually over time, they wont all go the same place unless you stay looking at the same spot the whole time.

Firing them doesn't stop you from moving, using other abilities, shooting your gun, etc. They just fire by themselves once you press the button. The only thing that stops them is dying or being stunned.

While all of these changes are yet to hit the PTR, they help give some context to D.Va’s upcoming rework and the role she might play.