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Reworked Battle Mercy terrifies PTR players (but won’t make it to live)

Mercy’s new ultimate already needs a nerf, and she hasn’t even hit live yet.

Heroes actually can die.
Blizzard Entertainment

The upcoming Mercy rework that overhauls her kit just hit the PTR, but it’s already going to need some adjustments. Mercy’s new kit removes her group Resurrection, puts it on a basic ability (albeit one with a long cooldown and limited to just one ally), and gives her a new ultimate. Valkyrie boosts Mercy’s existing abilities, including her auto attack. If you know anything about Mercy fans, you know that there’s a small but dedicated group of people who love the idea of Battle Mercy, and these players immediately decided to test out how she worked with the new ultimate.

As it turns out, Mercy with a higher fire rate and damage is scary. Now, what happens if you add Ana’s Nanoboost? Forget Talon or Null Sector—the scariest thing in this game is PTR Mercy’s current state.

So, how bad can it possibly be? It’s not like she can run at the entire enemy team, furiously mowing them down, right? Uh, well, yeah, that seems to be the case. TSM Gale Adelade captured this terrifying sight.

This isn’t even something that only works with Ana—Mercy is perfectly capable of wrecking house on her own. This Deathmatch clip from @Alivexxo will haunt my nightmares.

Don’t worry, because this iteration of Mercy won’t be making it to live servers. Geoff Goodman stepped in to reassure us.

Her gun while using Valkyrie is a bit too strong at the moment. The idea is for it to have some extra juice to be able to use it in more niche situations. Right now, it is strong enough that it is feeling like the primary way to use the ultimate, which isn't intended.

Mercy is going to be tested comprehensively before this update goes live, but the dream of Battle Mercy one day being viable will likely live on.