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5 things you need to know about the August 29th Overwatch patch

Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa buffs, Deathmatch and a new map grace today’s Overwatch patch.

A new patch has just hit Overwatch live servers, and it’s chock full of changes. This patch won’t include the upcoming D.Va or Mercy reworks; those need a little more time in the oven. We are getting a whole new game mode in the arcade (and a map to go along with it), ranked season changes and some big buffs. Here’s the big things you need to know from today’s patch before you jump into the game.

More shooting, less objectives

Deathmatch is finally here! The developers once swore that we would never see this bloody game mode bless Overwatch, but time can change a lot of things. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are now available, where you can either go solo and try to get the most kills in a frantic arena of violence, or team up with friends to annihilate the enemy. Right now, Deathmatch is only in the Arcade, and does not have a ranked mode, which means it’s a great way to get some loot boxes.

What’s a Deathmatch without a map?

While the Deathmatch pool pulls from modified versions of existing maps, we also got a whole new map: Chateau Guillard, the ancestral home in Widowmaker. Whether you want to brawl in tight corridors and compact rooms, or in wide open courtyards, Widowmaker’s family home has got you covered. It’s also chock full of interesting lore tidbits and hints. We’re not 100% sure what’s up with the bounce pads. Maybe that’s futuristic decor? Bright green and gravity defying could be very chic.

A ranked season rework

Season 6 is starting on August 31 and will bring with it all the lovely changes coming to ranked. The biggest change is likely the length of the competitive season moving to two months from three. This will result in fewer competitive points being awarded at the end of each season. There are also a few more fiddly changes regarding losing rank and rank decay. Get started in Season 6 and show all of your friends how much better you are at Overwatch than they are.

Changes to Overwatch’s big criminals: Junkrat and Roadhog

In addition to just staring together in their own mini-short, Roadhog and Junkrat are getting buffed together in this patch (how cute is that, oh my god). Starting out with Junkrat, he can now hold two Concussion Mines at once, meaning double the boom. RIP-Tire is also getting a movement speed change and some quality of life attached to its wall climb.

Roadhog has had a troubled history but he is getting some love this patch. Rather than add anything to his damage, the central hub of all his problems, Roadhog is getting some changes in the form of his tank. Now when using Take a Breather (his heal) you can move around like the excited boy that we all know Roadhog to be. Additionally, Roadhog takes a whopping 50 percent less damage when healing. Hopefully this will make everyone’s favorite big boy a bit more survivable.

The quadrupedal tank Orissa is getting big buffs

Orisa has been a little weird since she came out, not quite being able to find that sweet spot between Reinhardt and other tanks. But now she is getting some quality of life changes that will helper be a better ally and a tougher foe. Her Fusion Driver (her big gun) now shoots 20 percent faster. Additionally, her big barrier shield has increased in size and has a more friendly shape to it. This should help fix some of Orisa’s problems and give her to confidence to become the great tank we all know that she should be.

While we’re terrified to see the new Junkrat hurling out twice as many mines, this patch brings a lot of interesting stuff. Whether you’re a tanky team player or someone who loathes being on objectives and just wants to brawl, there’s something for everyone in today’s update.