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How to watch the Overwatch World Cup’s Katowice Group Stage: Streams, schedule and results

The World Cup 2016 winner and runner up attempt to qualify for Blizzcon 2017

Blizzard Entertainment

The second half of qualifiers for the Overwatch World Cup are set to begin over the weekend with Groups E and F facing off in Katowice, Poland.

Group E will be led by the winners of the 2016 World Cup, and the favorite to do the same in 2017, South Korea. South Korea won’t have an unopposed path forward however, as they will share a group with a very underrated Netherlands team, as well as Poland who will be looking to impress in front of their home crowd.

Meanwhile, Group F is likely to be a battle mostly between Canada and Russia. While Singapore and Turkey are sure to be good teams, and have represented themselves well in tournament’s for other games in the past, the Russian team were last year’s runner-ups, while Canada has an impressive roster of pro players.

The matches will kick off on Friday, August 4 and run through Sunday, August 6.

Katowice, Poland

Group E Group F
Group E Group F
2. South Korea 7. Canada
15. Netherlands 10. Russia
18. Poland 23. Singapore
31. Austria 26. Turkey

August 4, 8 A.M. EST - 2 P.M. EST

Netherlands vs Poland 4-0

South Korea vs Austria 4-0

Canada vs Turkey 4-0

Russia vs Singapore 4-0

August 5, 8 A.M. EST - 2 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Poland

Netherlands vs Austria

Canada vs Singapore

Russia vs Turkey

August 6, 6 A.M. EST - 4 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Netherlands

Poland vs Austria

Canada vs Russia

Singapore vs Turkey


The matches will be broadcast every day, with English commentary, on the Overwatch Twitch channel.