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Overwatch fans already love the Queen of Junkertown

The Queen is just a poster and a voice so far, but she already has a fanbase who wants more.

We have a poster, and a throne, but no queen yet.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
Blizzard Entertainment

The Queen of Junkertown is currently one of the most mysterious figures in the setting. Here’s what we do know about her: she rules Junkertown with a bit of an iron fist, she’s not a fan of omnics (but is a fan of amassing massive amounts of wealth), and she’s completely done with Junkrat and Roadhog. The Junkertown map preview is narrated by her as well.

Listen up, you wreteched scum. I see your struggles, trying to survive in the wasteland. It’s time to face the facts: the end of the world’s come and gone. Your past lives are a dream. It’s time you woke up. They thought they could take our land and give it to the machines? They were wrong! We won the war, and now we reap the spoils! We built a new world from the ashes! So step into the scrapyard... No rules, no mercy, only the strong survive! This is your Queen. Welcome to the apocalypse. Welcome to Junkertown.

Fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen in game once the map hit, and we do get a little bit more on her. Her voice plays over some speakers, announcing upcoming bets and brawls. If you play Junkrat or Roadhog, she admonishes you when you hit the front gate and enter the city.

Oh, and there is a poster showing what she looks like:

My skin has cleared, my depression is cured, my crops are flourishing...
My queen...
Blizzard Entertainment

That’s not a lot to go off of, but it is a solid start to the character. Overwatch fans have grabbed the ball and are sprinting away with it, creating some pretty fantastic creations:

This isn’t the first time a poster has ended up turning into something more. Before D.Va appeared in game as a hero, you could find her around various maps in bits of art. Sombra was originally teased as a newspaper article, and files about Soldier 76 could be found around a few maps.

Obviously, fans are clamoring for the Queen to become a hero. She seems to have a pretty sweet set up in Junkertown already, what with the vault full of gold and loyal sycophants, but hey, maybe a girl wants to stretch her legs and engage in a little carnage.

We currently don’t have a date for Junkertown going live, but you can explore the map on the PTR.