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Watch the Overwatch World Cup stream live online right here

Start your morning off with some Overwatch World Cup action.

Get some sizzle in your step!
It’s better than a cup of coffee to get your morning started.
Blizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch Contenders not kicking off until later in the month, and the Overwatch League still months out, you might be itching to see some excellent pro play. Luckily, the Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers are on, where we can expect to see some interesting matches.

In Group E, the team to beat is going to be South Korea. South Korea took the 2016 World Cup, and they’ve come across as an equally dominant team in 2017. They’ll be battling against Austria, Netherlands, and Poland. The Netherlands has put together a strong team, and Poland may get a little boost from their home crowd advantage. Austria will be the definite underdog in today’s games—but anything is possible.

Group F is where things get interesting. We have Canada, Russia, Signapore, and Turkey. All four of the teams are strong, although some have been tested a little more than others. Canada boasts an impressive roster of proven pro players, and Russia was the runner-up in 2016. Signapore and Turkey are no slouches, and we can expect fierce competition.

The games will be running through the morning and afternoon, so buckle in for a day of big plays and hopefully close games.