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Geguri joins ROX Orcas, becomes first female player in Overwatch's top league

Geguri will be competing in OGN Apex Season 4.

Geguri will be competing with ROX Orcas in OGN Apex.
Geguri is best known for her strength on Zarya.
Blizzard Entertainment

Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon, formerly of EHOME Spear, has signed with ROX Orcas, according to a report from ESPN. Geguri will be the first female player in OGN’s Overwatch APEX, one of the most competitive arenas for Overwatch play.

Geguri has made waves in the Overwatch world before when she found herself at the center of a cheating controversy. She was accused of aim hacking in an official tournament after her mouse precision triggered suspicion from viewers and opponents.

Geguri’s story went viral, and she became somewhat of a hero to every female Overwatch player who had been accused of too good (or not good enough). The story only became sweeter when Geguri livestreamed her play in a controlled setting where it would be impossible for her to cheat. With solid proof in her corner, and Blizzard Entertainment Korea on her side, the truth was clear: Geguri didn’t need an aimbot; she was just an amazing player.

Her accusers had ramped up the rhetoric leading to this revelation, saying that they would retire if they were proven wrong. In one alarming instance, one player said they would visit her home with a knife. When Geguri was proven innocent, the two pros promptly retired.

It’s a tale ripped right out of a movie, and Geguri became a hero overnight. The Korean feminist group, the National D.Va Association, told Geguri’s story and promoted her success until Geguri spoke out about her unwillingness to be connected to the group. Still, in a country where Overwatch has become a symbol of feminism, fans will no doubt be excited to see Geguri on the APEX stage.

This will be Geguri’s second shot at pro play. She previously played on the unsuccessful EHOME Spear, which failed to qualify for APEX Challenger.