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South Korea and Canada qualify for the BlizzCon stage of the Overwatch World Cup

Russia, the 2016 runners-up, will not be going back to BlizzCon this year.

Blizzard Entertainment

The 2016 Overwatch World Cup champion South Korea has qualified for 2017’s main event at BlizzCon, after a dominant performance in this weekend’s Katowice qualifier. Over the course of the qualifier, South Korea never lost a single map, going a perfect 4-0 in all of their group stage matches as well as sweeping Russia in the elimination series, 3-0.

As for Group F, the other group competing in Poland, Canada and Russia ended their group stage perfectly tied. This meant that first and second place in the group were decided by a brief tie-breaker. The tie-breaking match, played on Oasis, saw Canada finally overcome the 2016 runners-up and take the crucial first place spot in Group F.

In the Playoff stage of the qualifiers Russia were forced to face off against South Korea, thanks to finishing second in Group F. The Russians were promptly swept by the same team that defeated them in the finals at BlizzCon in 2016. As for Canada, they faced the Netherlands in order to make it to the BlizzCon portion of the World Cup, and also managed a sweep.