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Make sure to claim your Overwatch Twitch Prime golden loot box before August 10th

This Twitch Prime promotion offers a golden loot box with one guaranteed legendary.

Don’t let this chance slip away.
Reach out and claim a loot box with one guaranteed legendary item!
Blizzard Entertainment

Tomorrow, the current Overwatch Twitch Prime promotion will come to an end, and players will no longer be able to claim their golden loot boxes. Golden loot boxes are strictly better than their usual counterpart, because they come with one guaranteed Legendary skin.

In order to take advantage of the current promotion, players can visit

The golden loot boxes do not offer seasonal event skins, so you won’t be able to pick up one of the new Summer Games legendary skins via a golden crate. However, Doomfist cosmetics will be part of the loot table, so you may be able to score one of his legendary skins: Avatar, Spirit, Caution, and Irin.

The golden loot box is just one part of the current Twitch Prime promotion. Twitch Prime members will score an additional five standard loot boxes in August, and again in October.

Of course, the usual caveats apply: the offer is valid only in regions where Twitch Prime is available, and you’re always at the mercy of the RNG. Still, if you’re looking for a new legendary, this may be your best bet.