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Get a behind the scenes tour of Junkertown by Blizzard developers

More details on the Queen, concept art, and a guided tour of Junkertown? Yes, please.

Junkertown is on its way to live servers.
Get a deep dive on the concept, lore, and art behind Junkertown.
Blizzard Entertainment

We’re done a lore tour of Junkertown’s streets, and captured the love Overwatch fans have for its mysterious Queen, but we’re not done learning about this Australian city yet. Junkertown is the last bastion of survival, trade, and entertainment in the Australian outback, which fell to chaos and carnage after the Omnic Crisis.

Blizzard has published a preview of Junkertown that shows off a lot more of the map, including early concept art and developer insights.

Some interesting facts from the five minute video include:

  • The Queen of Junkertown was one of the most popular and charismatic scrapyard fighters, and she managed to vault from that position to running the entire joint. She now rules with an iron fist.
  • The audio designers used real life chains, pulleys, levers, and other things you can “get tetanus from” for the map’s audio. This included a trip to a real life ghost town, and the creaking of the old structures is the basis of the payload’s sounds.
  • The map has several shortcuts that allows players to get around choke points.
  • The goal with Junkertown proper was to create environments that players might actually want to eat at or visit. Maybe not the bar, though, which is built into an old sewer pipe.
  • Junkertown will be the “tip of the iceberg” for what’s to come with the Queen, Junkertown, and Junkers.

Junkertown is currently on the PTR for testing and will be arriving on live servers on September 19th.