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Heroes of the Storm gets Ana, Junkrat, and a ton of sweet skins

This isn’t the first time Heroes has gotten some sweet, sweet exclusive content.

Blizzard Entertainment

Shortly after a content update centered around Kel’Thuzad and Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm is launching another “expansion pack” with Ana and Junkrat entering the Nexus as new heroes. While the details aren’t fully revealed yet, Junkrat retains his trusty RIP-Tire. Even better, he can ride a giant, grinning missile like a pony right into the enemy team. Joining the Junker is Ana, Overwatch’s former second-in-command. She’ll presumably be bringing a wider array of sniping and healing to the Nexus, in line with other Overwatch imports.

These heroes are entering the Nexus along with some Overwatch inspired skins, including a Volskayan hero variant on Varian Wrynn. They’ll be doing battle on Volskaya Industries, with Katya Volskaya herself serving as the announcer. Remember those big mechs from Infilitration? They’re map objectives now, and they can be unleashed by two players—one gunner and one pilot.

We’re also getting a Warcraft inspired D.Va skin in Heroes of the Storm, where D.Va rolls around as Deathwing, the Destroyer.

This isn’t the first time some sweet, sweet Overwatch content has been limited to Heroes of the Storm. Zarya rocks some fantastic skins, including a Viking-inspired Thunder Guard style and a downright scary Cyberdemon skin.

Heroes of the Storm is free to play, but heroes must be unlocked through either in-game currency or a one-time real money purchase. There will be an ongoing quest in the client for players to collect Pachimaris and earn in-game rewards.