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5 things to know about the September 19 Overwatch patch

Two new updates! A Reinhardt buff! A sweet new escort map!

Blizzard Entertainment

The September 19 patch for Overwatch is just the kind of patch that every player wants to see. Not only do we have a brand new map centered around everyone’s favorite thieving boys, Junkrat and Roadhog, but Blizzard has dropped two new hero updates as well. D.Va has gotten some extra punch to her kit, as she can now shoot micro-missiles from her mech. Mercy has had her ultimate changed significantly and made into a base ability. To compensate, she has been given a brand new ultimate as well. Grab a squad of friends and roll on down to Junkertown, its gonna be a great patch.

For a full list of patch changes, you can look here.


Junkertown, Overwatch’s latest map, has gone live! This escort map has the offense bringing a payload full of gold, treasures, and explosives to the Queen’s throne room. Not only is the map absolutely jam packed with lore, but it has some very interesting paths and routes for an escort map, including a rotating turbine over a battle arena and several ways to sneak around chokepoints. Junkertown may be one of the most interesting maps yet, so be sure to queue up and give it a spin!

Mercy update

Mercy has long been considered one of Overwatch’s most important—but annoying—heroes. How do you solve a problem like Mercy? Remove her ultimate, give it to her as a single target basic ability, and then give her a new ultimate that enhances all of her abilities and turns her into a chain rezzing and healing, fast firing monster. Don’t worry, though! The out of control Battle Mercy who could 1v6 on the PTR has been toned down.

She can be your angle... or your devil....
Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va update

It’s high n... nope, D.Va ate it. Justice rains from ab- Sorry, D.Va ate that too. Defense Matrix is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and D.Va’s balance centers around this basic ability. Blizzard has reworked D.Va accordingly, cutting the duration of her Defense Matrix in half. In return, she gets a whole new ability that gives her some powerful micro missiles, and she can fire while boosting now. We’re a little concerned at whoever decided Hana Song needs to be in control of a 3 ton MEKA with increasingly deadly weaponry, but hey, it’s been working out so far.

Mystery Hero discourages obnoxious players

Have you ever been in a Mystery Hero game where you teammate just jumps into a pit until they get the hero they want? Well apparently Blizzard has. Killing yourself in Mystery Hero mode will no longer get you a brand new hero to play as. However, it will reset your ultimate and de-spawn any turrets you may have placed. To compensate for this crackdown, players can no longer randomly respawn as the same hero. As my mom used to tell me, in Overwatch you need to play who you get and don’t throw a fit (it was something like that at least).

Reinhardt camera changes

If you have every played the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you will surely have used the Alt camera to look around without reorienting your character. As of this patch, everyone’s favorite German knight will be getting a similar mechanic. While using Reinhardt’s barrier, holding down the primary fire button will allow you to freely rotate the camera. This should help players get a better grasp of their surroundings without totally ruining their shield placement.