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Get ready for the Overwatch free weekend with this handy primer

If you are thinking of trying out Overwatch during the free weekend, here is what you are in for.

Blizzard Entertainment

Even if you have never played Overwatch before, you have almost certainly heard of it. Maybe you have seen a commercial or recognize the bright art style that the game has from a poster or some fan art. But more than likely, a friend has told you how badly you need to play this game. For the weekend its free and you have no excuse for not playing anymore.

So the real question is, what the hell even is Overwatch?

The basics

Overwatch is a team-based, first-person shooter. You can jump into games on your own or with up to five other pals. Each player can choose from one of 24 heroes to play, each with their own abilities, personalities and weapons. These heroes define Overwatch.

The matches themselves are player versus player, meaning that you will be fighting against real life people. Don’t stress too much about it though, as the game will try and put you against new people if you haven’t played the game before.

Overwatch has a few game modes for you to play around with. There is Escort, which involves following a truck called the Payload through a map to win. There is Assault, which involves capturing points on the ground away from defenders. Then there is Control, where each team is vying for the same point. All of the game modes are fun and will show up randomly in the Quick Play menu. In the Arcade mode, you can also try out the new Deathmatch mode to help yourself get acclimated.

That is Overwatch in a nutshell. Even if you are not traditionally into multiplayer games or games in general, Overwatch remains friendly and inviting to all players. The only way to really learn more is to play for yourself.

Some tips

  • Pick whoever looks the coolest, don’t worry about the class of character (tank, offense, defense, healer)
  • Learn how to mute people: hover over them and hit mute in the options (hit P on PC and click the microphone icon)
  • If you don’t like the hero you picked, you can can change to a new one each time you die
  • First and foremost, have fun