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Cloud9 signs Kongdoo Panthera roster for the London Overwatch League spot

The team will be known, for now, as C9 Kongdoo!

On Wednesday, Cloud9 announced that it would be signing the current Kongdoo Panthera roster to take over the organizations London based franchise for the Overwatch League.

While it’s unclear, based on the statement, what exactly the relationship between the two organizations will be, it appears that the two might be partnering up which could leave Kongdoo’s infrastructure in-place for the team, with Cloud9 operating as a parent company. The team itself will be called C9 Kongdoo, at least until they finalize their official Overwatch League team name with Blizzard later this year.

The Kongdoo Panthera roster has been one of the most successful in all of Overwatch over the last several months with a strong performance in Apex Season Three that ended with the team taking Lunatic Hai to game seven in the finals and only narrowly losing on the final map. Since the start of Apex Season Four just a month ago, Kongdoo Panthera sit at the top of their group and remain undefeated through three matches.