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D.Va mini-guide: the micro missiles rework

Here is how D.Va has changed, and how to dominate with her new abilities

D.Va has been one of the Overwatch’s least stable tanks. Either she is dominating the playing field or struggling to find a place in the game itself. However, no matter how good or bad, D.Va has remained a fan favorite of Overwatch players and continues to see play, even during her weak periods.

The September 19th patch for Overwatch brings a small rework for everyone’s favorite pro-gamer. This update includes much needed nerfs to her Defense Matrix as well as a brand new ability for D.Va to use all the time.

Primary gun (Mech) - Fusion Cannon


Primary gun (Pilot) - Light Gun


Secondary - Defense Matrix

Defense Matrix energy now depletes twice as fast, making the shield last half as long. However, Defense Matrix energy now recharges 2.5 percent faster.

Ability 1 - Boosters

D.Va can now shoot her Fusion Cannon mid-flight.

Ability 2 - Micro Missiles

D.Va fires tiny missiles out of her mech, launching in a stream as soon as the button is pressed. The missiles themselves fire in a line out of the Fusion Cannons, dealing damage in a small area. These missiles can be fired regardless of whatever else D.Va is doing.

The key with the Micro Missiles is to use them as often as possible. Since you can do them any time, D.Va can focus fire down important targets with her Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles in tandem. Since the cooldown for these is fairly long (seven full seconds), try not to save them for too long after they come off of cooldown.

Ultimate - Self-destruct/Call Mech