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Mercy chain rez bug plagues Overwatch games

Heroes never die! No, seriously, with this exploit they just don’t die.

Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy players have discovered a new way to get around the ‘one rez at a time’ thing added to her rework. Are they timing their Valkyrie perfectly to get a reset and soar through the fight? Well, no, it’s a little less glamorous than that. Here’s how it works: when you switch heroes, you start as a new hero with new cooldowns. If you switch back to the hero you originally started as, you still have a clean slate of cooldowns.

Now, this isn’t a big deal if you’re playing, say, Soldier 76 and you get access to your Helix Rockets even after firing them off. Mercy, on the other hand, is currently rocking a 30 second cooldown on her resurrect, and it’s her most valuable basic ability. This video shows how easily you can chain resurrects from the spawn point. The only way to counter this strategy seems to be to ignore the Mercy and not kill her, which is equally problematic.

That being said, players should absolutely not try to replicate this behavior in their losing matches, as it will likely be a one way ticket to ban town—historically, developers have not looked kindly upon players taking advantage of bugs to eke out an unfair win. Hopefully, Blizzard take a look at this exploit before we all find ourselves trapped on Hanamura’s second point, watching a Groundhog Day of Mercy rezzes play out before our very eyes.