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North American streamer and pro player Seagull joins Team Envy

The strongest roster in North America just got a little stronger.

Blizzard Entertainment

One of Overwatch’s most popular professional players, and streamers, Brandon “Seagull” Larned has joined Dallas Overwatch League representative, Team Envy after a difficult decision process. The team announced the signing in a tweet Saturday afternoon.

Alongside his streaming career, Larned is known as an excellent competitive player and one of North America’s best Pharah players. He previously played with NRG Esports before the team broke up and the roster was reformed from the ground up.

Since the breakup of NRG, Seagull has mostly been streaming while receiving offers from other teams and considering his options. According to what he has said on stream, this decision was one of the “most difficult” of his entire life.

Team Envy will be adding Larned after an already successful Overwatch Contenders tournament where the team went undefeated during the group stage of Season One. It’s unclear whether or not Larned will have a starting roster spot or will be a sub, as well as whether or not he will be competing alongside the team when the Season One playoffs for the Contenders tournament start early next month.