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The latest Overwatch comic, Searching, stars Zarya and Sombra

Zarya and Sombra face off in the comic sequel to Infiltration

Blizzard Entertainment

The latest Overwatch comic is now live, and it’s a direct sequel to the Infiltration short. At the end of Infilitration, we saw Katya Volskaya call in Zarya to track down Sombra. Now, in Searching, we get to see exactly how Zarya pulls that off... and the results of a Sombra versus Zarya showdown. This is one of the meatiest lore comics yet, and we get to see Overwatch’s strongest tank grow as a person. As it turns out, the most valuable muscle in a weightlifter’s body is... the heart.

Blizzard Entertainment

After Sombra’s “assassination” attempt on Chairman Volskaya, Volksaya calls in Zarya to hunt down and track Sombra. Unfortunately, there’s only one way for Zarya to get to the heart of the mystery, and that’s by teaming up with an omnic: Lynx Seventeen. After Zarya’s homeland and family were devastated by the omnic crisis, she’s not eager to work with what she disparagingly calls a “robot”, but her love for Russia outweighs her hatred of omnics...

That is, until she finds Sombra, and her world is turned upside down.

Not only is Searching one of the most plot heavy comics so far, up there with Masquerade, it’s also jam packed with cameos. Up above, we see Orisa and Efi patrolling Numbani, which is absolutely adorable. We also get to see a familiar face from Hero, Alejandra, who’s been doing some hero style work of her own since her run in with Soldier 76. We also get call backs to the Sombra ARG that preceded her release, with the LumériCo CEO referencing Sombra’s hack and frame job that players could uncover and explore.

Masquerade and Searching, along with the release of the Overwatch Anthology, suggests that lore comics are about to become a lot more interesting in driving the main plot of Overwatch forwards. I’m already pumped to see what happens next in Russia and beyond.