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McCree and Junkrat blast their way into the Overwatch meta

Buffs and Doomfist have dramatically changed the Overwatch landscape

Blizzard Entertainment

After months of the dive meta, we’re seeing two new heroes start to break out into the forefront. Junkrat and McCree, after gathering dust on the competitive play shelf, have come back with a vengeance. Of course, every hero is worth their salt, especially at lower levels of play, but pro players and the competitive scene are starting to seize on these two picks.

The first reason is very simple: both of these heroes have recently received buffs. McCree has gotten some small tweaks over the past few months. Characters no longer ‘slide’ away from his flashbang, and his ult’s a little easier to pop off.

Junkrat has definitely benefited from some big buffs as well. He now holds two concussion mines, effectively doubling his burst damage against vulnerable targets (or doubling his mobility). His RIP-Tire is faster and better at climbing walls as well.

That being said, straight buffs aren’t always enough to add a new hero to the meta. Also, since the tournament patch is always a little bit behind, we have yet to see Junkrat really unlock his full potential with the latest round of buffs. So, what changed things up so much? Why are these heroes showing up now? Well, his name is Doomfist, and he’s shaken everything up.

Don’t hurt them, Doomfist!!!
Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfist hasn’t cancelled the Dive meta. We’re still seeing the same heroes getting picked, and the same strategies (dive in, kill squishies, turn around and battle the front line) being pulled off. In fact, Doomfist is not a bad DPS to run in a Dive composition.

Here’s what Doomfist can do - he can work against a Dive comp. When Doomfist dives in and starts throwing punches, everyone needs to turn on him. That opens and opportunity for Doomfist’s teammates to back him up, free of pressure. Who thrives well when they’re not getting hunted down and targeted? That’s right: McCree and Junkrat.

McCree remains one of the best heroes in the game at eliminating key targets with a well timed Flashbang and Flash the Hammer, and Deadeye’s buffs mean that he’s capable of clearing a field.

Junkrat is still one of the best in the business when it comes to clearing out chokepoints or holding pressure points. He’s not the strongest pick in wide open areas, but if you give him an enclosed space to rain down chaos, he thrives.

If you haven’t played Junkrat or McCree lately, it’s time to give them another shot. The meta is still shifting and solidifying around Doomfist, and it’s a prime time for a cowboy or anarchist to sneak in and gain some of that sweet, sweet competitive ranking.