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Wasted Land is a tale of friendship, Junkertown, and bar brawls

The newest Overwatch comic shows us how Junkrat and Roadhog became a duo.

Blizzard Entertainment

The newest Overwatch comic, Wasted Land, is now live, and it gives us a pretty intriguing look at Mako Rutledge, better known as Roadhog. Remember during The Plan, when Junkrat grabs Roadhog by the gas mask and asks if he thinks it was the “beatdown at the bar” that got them kicked out? Not only do we get to see that in action, but we get to understand why Roadhog joined up with Junkrat in the first place.

As it turns out, Roadhog is one of the most terrifying things around Junkertown, and considering the rest of the population, that’s a mean feat. He remains nearly mute, constantly thinking back to the war that tore his home down. It... probably doesn’t help that Mako, as part of the Australian Liberation Front, had a non-zero role in the whole fusion core explosion that led to Australia being in this state.

Despite the fact that Roadhog’s bio claims his humanity and he is no longer Mako and is now Roadhog, Junkertown residents still refer to him as Mako. It’s an interesting conflict, and suggests that Roadhog may have earned a good deal of respect from his allies in the Liberation Front before things went bad.

Blizzard Entertainment

Junkertown, and Roadhog and Junkrat’s plan for post-bar brawl revenge, is explored in the new escort map of the same name. The map gives us a closer look at some of the locales in Wasted Land, including the bar and surrounding makeshift housing.

Since the events of Wasted Land, Roadhog and Junkrat have become closer. (This might be because of the international heists.) They now have a synchronized dance and everything!

As a comic, Wasted Land gives us a look at just how horrifying Roadhog can be...and yet still manages to make us root for the big guy. Hopefully, we get more information on his past in the coming months.