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Blizzard released a behind the scenes look at the making of Mei’s Rise and Shine short

Shorts are one of the best things about Overwatch, and this video gives us a peek at how they get made!

Blizzard Games

Since the moment it was announced, one of the most exciting and special parts of Overwatch has always been the story it was telling and the world that story exists in.

One of the ways that Blizzard has gotten these stories across most effectively has been their fantastic cinematic shorts. For the most part, these have focused specifically on one character and have shown important parts of their backstory and history, as well as giving us insight into the character’s personality.

In Blizzard’s newest video, we get a behind the scenes look at some of the key members of Overwatch’s story team who take us through the process of creating their most recent cinematic, the Mei centric, Rise and Shine.

The behind the scenes video is an interesting chance to see the creative process that goes into these shorts as well as giving us some insight into how they think of the character of Mei herself. While many of the game’s previous cinematics centered on its more action oriented heroes, Mei’s is unique in that it shows how a regular person becomes a hero and the heroic abilities we all have.