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Blizzard World and new skins hit Overwatch on January 23rd

Hey! You got my StarCraft in my Overwatch!

Blizzard Entertainment

Are you tired of pushing the payload on King’s Row? Do your tired eyes marvel for new sights? Do you ache for new skins that aren’t part of a seasonal bundle? January 23rd is on the way, and we’re getting some exciting updates. First, we’ll be getting to play on Blizzard World, the in-universe theme park based on Blizzard’s other games. In this exciting world of Overwatch, StarCraft and World of Warcraft are still best sellers. Blizzard is a hybrid map, so players must claim a point and then push the payload.

Blizzard Entertainment

We’re also getting a boat load of new skins and content, including the Blizzard franchise themed skins for characters like Zarya and Orisa, changing them from their standard fare to a Diablo barbarian and a mighty Protoss warrior. Reinhardt and Mei are also getting skins based off their 2017 cinematics Rise and Shine and Honor and Glory.

To make the upcoming patch even sweeter, we’re getting new hero sprays... and they seem to tease some new skins.

Check out Pharah, Lucio, D.Va, and Hanzo in this collection of sprays. Those definitely look like new skins. Pharah looks like she might be in Protoss garb, D.Va is sporting cat ears and pigtails, and Hanzo is sporting a wide brimmed hat and facepaint.

There will be content teasers daily on the official Overwatch Twitter until Blizzard World goes live, kicking off the content train for 2018.