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Pharah’s new, golden, gorgeous legendary skin has been revealed

The Latin American Overwatch account shared a clip of Pharah’s new skin and we NEED it.

Blizzard Entertainment

We’re getting a ton of goodies in the coming days as we work towards the BlizzardWorld patch, and this is one of the most tantalizing ones yet. The Latin American Overwatch Twitter account shared this short clip of Pharah’s new skin. It’s golden, it’s beautiful, and I want to spend the credits to have it on my account yesterday. This will be Pharah’s first legendary skin since the Anniversary event, where she received the blue Bedouin skin.

We first got a sneak peek at this skin during yesterday’s announcement of new sprays coming to the game.

You can see Pharah’s new skin down in the bottom right, where she’s adorably prancing in her new regalia. This is interesting because it suggests the other unusual sprays for existing characters, like D.Va’s cat ears and pigtails, may become legendary skins.

What’s extra exciting is the current crop of unlockables being revealed are “core” collectibles, which means they are available year round and will not be locked to an event’s year box. I already have the credits for this sweet, sweet new Pharah skin. I just need it, in the game, now. Now.