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Toyota is the Overwatch League’s newest sponsor

The car brand will be teaming up with the Overwatch League. Exciting!


In a press release sent by Blizzard Entertainment, they revealed that the multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota has signed on to sponsor the Overwatch League. This announcement comes a week after the League’s debut.

Toyota Motor’s North American vice president of media and engagement marketing, Stephen Curtis, had this to say about the new deal:

Toyota is excited to be a launch partner of the Overwatch League. We love the passion of esports fans, and the goal of our partnership is to help take the Overwatch League and the fan experience to the next level.

While it’s currently unclear what exactly Toyota’s sponsorship brings to the table at the Overwatch League, there are some possible clues in the press release. It seems that, in the future, Toyota will be sponsoring some behind-the-scenes content for fans as well as have “additional broadcast integrations.” There will, of course, now be a Toyota vehicle present at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles.