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New, adorable emotes are coming to Overwatch in the next patch

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Sombra steals the show with her Reaper marionette emote.

Blizzard Entertainment

The upcoming BlizzardWorld patch is going to bring a host of amazing new core collectibles, including the new legendary Asp Pharah skin. If you’re less interested in skins and more interested in emotes, we have good news for you: those are also on the way. We got a glimpse of three new ones coming to the game: Mercy, Genji, and the absolutely amazing Sombra emote of her using a Reaper marionette.

Genji is in the middle of doing some sick ninja flips, as he is wont to do, and Mercy seems to be spinning her Caduceus staff like a parasol and smiling wholesomely. (Presumably, the constant nerfs she’s received since her rework aren’t bothering her too much.) Sombra, however, knocks it out of the park by pulling out a Reaper puppet and having a great time mocking it. This is both hilarious and kind of explains a lot as to why the rest of Talon have negative in-game voice lines against her—they’re tired of her busting out elaborate puppets to mock them.

The new emotes will be unlockable year-round and will be available in the upcoming patch.