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Overwatch’s new patch comes with a bundle of exciting new collectibles.

Emotes, skins, POTG intros, oh boy!

The Blizzard World patch is finally here and with it comes the arrival of Overwatch’s new cosmetics update. In the days leading up to the patch, Blizzard has slowly been revealing pieces of the update by giving us previews of the new skins and emotes.

To help you get a handle on all the exciting additions, we’ve gathered all of Blizzard’s previews into one place.

Legendary Skins

The most exciting part of every Overwatch update has got to be the Legendary character skins and the cosmetic update is no different. So far, Blizzard has revealed four new legendary skins and most of them have heroes celebrating their cultural backgrounds.

Asp Pharah

Pharah’s newest skin celebrates Egyptian royalty with her new gold and blue themed armor. Each piece of the armor seems adorned with the face of an animal — including the European snake on her helmet that gives the skin its name — though these don’t seem to be directly connected with any Egyptian culture or symbols and are more decorative than anything else.

Capoeira Lucio

The next legendary skin has Lucio celebrating Brazil’s proud tradition of Capoeira, a martial art that combines elements of music, dancing, and acrobatics. The skin features some slick new roller blades for Lucio and gives the hero a little more traditionally Brazilian look.

Kabuki Hanzo

Hanzo’s is also getting in on the cosmetic update action with his new Kabuki themed skin. The skin brings out many different elements of the traditional Japanese theatre style that is most well known for it’s complex make-up and stylization. For this skin, Hanzo gets the full look of a Kabuki performer right down to the recognizable red and white make-up.

Black Cat D.Va

The last of the announced legendary skins, Black Cat D.Va is a little different in that it doesn’t really represent her Korean culture. Instead, D.Va seems themed after the more Japanese, gothic lolita style. Alongside D.Va’s new outfit is her mech which is styled to look like a cat, including a tail.

Epic Skins

Alongside the newly announced legendary skins, this patch is also adding a whole host of epic skins for some of Overwatch’s most iconic heroes including McCree, Reaper, Junkrat, Symmetra, and Zenyatta.


Also being added in the BlizzardWorld cosmetic update are a set of fantastic emotes. In addition, characters like Soldier 76 and Ana are getting new Play of the Game highlights to celebrate your best plays.

These are all core collectibles and won’t tax your wallet like event skins; in addition, they’ll be available all year round.