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Catch up on all the action from the Overwatch League’s second week

There are still a few front runners, but most of the teams in the league are tied at 2-2 after the second week

Robert Paul for Blizzard Enterta

Week two of the Overwatch League has come and gone and the standings are a little more confusing than they were last week.

At the top end of the table, the Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior are still looking strong at 4-0, after a week where both teams shut out their opponents. On the other end of the spectrum, the Shanghai Dragons and, surprisingly, the Dallas Fuel, remain the only two teams without wins in the first two weeks of the season, with the two teams only barely managing to take one round between them.

Meanwhile the middle of the standings are an absolute mess with five teams sitting at 2-2 including the Houston Outlaws who seemed on the verge of breaking out during the first week and finally managed it in week two. Another 2-2 team is last week’s darlings the LA Valiant, who were held winless in week two, and just so happened to be involved in this week’s match of the week.

Match of the week - Los Angeles Valiant vs London Spitfire

While it’s far too early to judge most of the league yet, one thing that does seem certain so far is that the Los Angeles Valiant and the London Spitfire are two of the Overwatch League’s best teams, at least right now, and their match on Saturday was the perfect evidence.

The match surpassed the standard four maps and was forced into a tension filled overtime, on Leijang Tower where London pulled out the win 2-0, making them 4-0 in the season so far.

While London Spitfire may have the better record in the Overwatch League so far, the Valiant were able to take their two maps of the series, Oasis and Echenwalde, swiftly and with little struggle from the Spitfire. But the Spitfire proved a little too strong on the remaining three maps for the Valiant to make much of their wins.

Both of these teams have already proven themselves in the league’s first two weeks, this match helped to show the dominance certain teams can have over one map or another, but that success across a variety of maps will be key if teams want to succeed in the league.