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KSV eSports partners with one of Asia’s largest investment groups to ensure player support

The deal with include a variety of services and amenities that KSV can provide to its players

Blizzard Entertainment

KSV eSports, the quickly growing organization behind the Seoul Dynasty, has just announced via press release a partnership with Mirae Asset Venture Investment, one of Asia’s largest independent financial firms.

The deal is set to provide a sponsorship for the esports organization as well as a long list of player amenities for both current and future KSV players. These services will include English tutoring, media training, competitive salaries, nutrition services, physical training, and financial management provided directly by Mirae Asset themselves.

According to KSV CEO and co-founder Kevin Chou this partnership is part of KSV’s ongoing goal to support its players in as many ways as possible, “Our players are professsional athletes and deserve nothing less than the best quality support and treatement.”

The sponsorship extends to all of KSV’s current games which include, Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s unclear if the deal with extend to any future esports that KSV enters into.