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Fan artist Bosslogic combines Overwatch and Marvel icons

With Infinity War approaching, the world really could use more heroes...


If you’re a fan of Overwatch, chances are pretty high you’ve also enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Infinity War approaching, and the news that we’re getting more Overwatch lore in 2018, it’s appropriate that fan artist Bosslogic has created these amazing mashups between Marvel icons and Overwatch heroes.

Bosslogic -

First of all, we have Zarya as Captain Marvel. This is an awesome mashup, and the red, blue, and gold really suit our favorite weightlifter and war hero. This piece is a slam dunk.

Bosslogic -

Then, we have a decidedly darker mashup with Jesse McCree taking the role of the Winter Soldier. The belt buckle is definitely McCree’s style, and he looks striking in black and red. This is a pretty perfect pair up, especially since they both have the metal arm. That being said, it’s very odd to see McCree without his trademark hat. I guess brainwashing really does change a person.

Bosslogic -

Doomfist as Thanos really requires no introduction. The two of them are peas in a pod, and I’d love to see this Marvel branded version of Talon’s tactician in game. The full Infinity Gauntlet may be a little overpowered, though, so Blizzard’s balance team would likely have their hands full.

Bosslogic -

Is there anything more perfectly extra than Reaper in a sick leather jacket and on fire? Ghost Rider and Reaper, or Ghost Reaper, is an awesome combination. The idea of Gabriel Reyes riding a motorcycle to go along with his dual shotguns is wonderful. This is a gorgeous piece of art, with the fire effects combining perfectly with Reaper’s trademark mask.

Finally, we have Soldier 76 stepping into the role of Cyclops. Scott Summers and Jack Morrison have both been described as boy scouts, they both have tactical visors, and they’ve both taken a leadership role. Depending on what era of Marvel you look at, you’ve also seen a discouraged Cyclops who struggles with his role as a leader. Not only do these characters sync up beautifully, but 76 looks dang good in the blue of his Strike Commander uniform with the current day jacket.

You can support Bosslogic by purchasing his art prints or following him on Twitter and Artstation. It’s always great to see artists take the wonderful designs of Overwatch and combine them with other pop culture colossi.