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The Overwatch League signing window is officially open

The Dallas Fuel are the first team to take advantage of the window

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve made it through the first three weeks of the Overwatch League, and while some teams already look formidable, others seem like they could use a few new pieces to help make them competitive. Thankfully, the league’s first official signing window has opened for all 12 teams.

The window, which opened on January 26, will give teams the opportunity to sign any player that is not currently signed to a contract and is eligible to play in the Overwatch League. New players added to teams will be eligible to play as early as Feb. 21, though each new player must be approved by the Overwatch League office first.

Another window will also open up soon as on Feb. 11, teams will gain the ability to trade players. Both of these transfer windows will close on April 3.

One team has already taken advantage of the signing window by adding a new player to their roster. The Dallas Fuel — one of the league’s most disappointing teams through the first three weeks — have added DPS player Dylan “AKM” Bignet to their roster according to a tweet from the team’s owner. After coming into the league as one of the most highly regarded teams, the Fuel will hope that Bignet can help turn the team around from their frustrating 1-5 start to the Overwatch League season.