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Looking back at the Overwatch League’s most exciting week yet

The Overwatch League no longer has an undefeated team, and other surprises from week 3

Blizzard Entertainment

At the end of a week full of upsets, the Overwatch League standings are far closer than anyone would have expected. In the league’s third week it seemed that any team could win at any time as all three previously unbeaten teams were taken down.

In just the second match of the week the Shanghai Dragons — widely considered to be the league’s worst team at the moment — took a map off of the Korean juggernauts Seoul Dynasty. While this map seemed shocking at the time, it turned out to be just a preview of the week that was to come.

The first of the undefeated teams to fall this week was the London Spitfire, who were taken down in a close series against the Boston Uprising. Both teams battled hard on Temple of Anubis, Junkertown, and Numbani, but it was ultimately Boston’s impressive performance on Ilios and Lijiang Tower that help them secure the victory.

Next to fall were the New York Excelsior. One of the league’s most consistently impressive teams, New York found themselves upset by the Philadelphia Fusion, who, two weeks ago were considered one of the weakest teams, but have steadily improved and thoroughly earned their upset of NYXL.

Finally, it was a rough week for the Korean juggernauts Seoul Dynasty who lost in a battle between Overwatch League heavyweights with the New York Excelsior, fresh off of their defeat from the previous day. Ready to prove themselves, NYXL played Seoul to an incredibly close 3-2, including a 5-4 nail biter on Lunar Horizon that Seoul took in the end. But, after losing their first match in the league just one day earlier, NYXL was not to be denied as they fought back into the series and won the match on Lijiang Tower.

Just as things started to seem cut and dried in the Overwatch League, week three provided the perfect reminder that after just three weeks, each and every team is still improving everyday and that anyone can win their series on a given day.