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Pre-ordering Battle for Azeroth’s Digital Deluxe edition gives Overwatch emotes

Want to play World of Warcraft? Also want some Overwatch collectibles? Boy howdy are you in luck.

Pre-orders for the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth have gone live, with an anticipated release date of September. As always, the Digital Deluxe edition will confer pre-order bonuses onto other Blizzard games. This year allows players to unlock some Starcraft II sprays, a Hearthstone card back... and some Overwatch emotes, sprays, and voice lines.

This YouTube video shows the new collectibles off, starting with the emotes where the poster girl of Overwatch shows her Warcraft pride. The pre-order gives Tracer two new emotes, where she plants either an Alliance or a Horde flag down. (Frankly, I would have expected her to be more of an Alliance player. Tracer seems like someone with a max level gnome mage.)

Torbjorn also gets two battle cries, one “For the Horde!” and another “For the Alliance!”

In addition, some popular Warcraft characters join Illidan and show up as sprays. If you’ve ever wanted to show off your love for Anduin (or Manduin, as some call his latest character model), you’re in luck.

The pre-order bonuses are just the latest Blizzard themed collectibles to enter Overwatch after the release of Blizzard World and several Blizzard themed skins.