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Have you considered: Zenyatta?

It’s time we agree to appreciate this good support boy.

Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy nerf after Mercy nerf has support mains reeling and wondering which hero they should pick up next. While a few stalwart, faithful Mercy players are clinging to the Caduceus staff, looking to heal their allies and slowly rez the fallen, most of the Overwatch fanbase are looking for a slick new healer who can zip around. Moira, with her flashy blink, damage abilities, and AOE heals is a new favorite. Indeed, many trendsetters are claiming that a Moira and tank combination meta is just over the horizon.

I would like to offer an alternative: have you considered the humble Zenyatta?

Seemingly, even Blizzard have forgotten Zenyatta. He appears in no cinematics, he has no comic, there are no juicy lore drops about this incredibly good boy. He isn’t on the cover of the game, and he wins no accolades. (He does have the best selection of skins in the game, though, so someone at Blizzard clearly loves him.)

It’s time to reconsider our collective stance on Zenyatta. It’s time to appreciate this good boy. We’re all reeling from the Mercy changes, but here I say, no more. We don’t need to flit to Moira. We have a perfectly good dark and light-themed healer right here, and it’s time to appreciate him.

Blizzard Entertainment

Moira has damage, sure, but Zenyatta can charge his orbs and pick off an enemy from across the map. Moira has an AOE healing ult, but so does Zenyatta, and his makes him zoom around the map while totally invulnerable. Zenyatta can shred tanks. Mercy may be a bit slower in the skies with Pharah, but Zenyatta’s orb is very fast. Zenyatta can fire off an orb and forget, instead of diving into the enemy lines to get a carry back into the fight.

We need more answers about Zenyatta and his past, especially since his mentor Mondatta was very messily removed from the story by Widowmaker and Talon. Perhaps, the first step is for the fanbase to understand how intrinsically good Zenyatta is. The first step to a better Overwatch in this terrifying post-Mercy world is to step away from Moira and lock in Zenyatta. I believe in you. Together, we can do this.