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Blizzard breaks down the Pink Mercy breast cancer charity success

Hopefully this means more skins like this in the future

Earlier this year, Blizzard released it’s first ever purchasable skin, Pink Mercy, and donated all of the proceeds to charity. Now, just a few months after the skin’s release, we know not just how much money was raised — $12.7 million — but also what that money is going toward.

The donation itself was made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and represents the organization’s largest single corporate partner donation ever. According to a press release from Tuesday morning, in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month the BCRF has shared with Blizzard the details of what the community’s donation is helping to do.

BCRF Precision Prevention Initiative

BCRF will fuel innovative prevention research to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, including creating new tools and tests for improved screenings and diagnostics. These programs will advance the understanding of inherited risk and pursue population-based genetic risk assessment to help those deemed at risk before the disease takes place.

BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award

The BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award, funded by the Pink Mercy donations, will help launch five new clinical trials this year.

These clinical trials are conducted within a consortium comprised of 19 medical institutions and nearly 200 investigators aimed at accelerating new treatments for patients with breast cancer.

25 Annual BCRF Research Grants

Your donations will fund 25 research grants, which will be distributed to studies in seven different research fields that focus on diagnosis and treatment.

The Blizzard Entertainment funded research grants will be distributed to 29 researchers in 10 US states and 8 total countries located in 6 different continents around the globe.

While this was Blizzard’s first run at this kind of charity-focused skin, it likely won’t be their last. With this much success, hopefully Blizzard will partner with more charities, or even BCRF, again in the future.