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Shanghai Dragons announce their Season 2 roster

The Shanghai Dragons look to recover after a 0-40 season

Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons are the one team in the Overwatch League with nothing to lose. After a 0-40 performance in Season 1, they’ve picked up some new members to round out their roster and prepare for a (hopefully better) Season 2.

The Dragons retain Diya, Geguri, and Fearless from their Season 2 roster; otherwise, this is essentially a hard reset for the team. The Dragons struggled on more than just the win front; the team drew negative attention when they announced an unrealistic and harmful training schedule. The Dragons worked a twelve hour day, six day a week training schedule, which not only reaches unhealthy levels of exertion, but... well, it didn’t work, as the team didn’t pick up a single win.

This upcoming season holds a lot more promise for the Dragons. Teams will have weeks with no games, allowing them to rest more. In addition, the Dragons were clearly very close to taking games off opponents in their first season, and took maps off some of the stronger teams in the League. Now, with 8 new teams full of fresh faces, it seems inevitable the Dragons have a real shot at success.